Meet the Williams

After experiencing a season of unemployment, Lisa and Dante became homeless with their 9-year-old-daughter and 8-year-old son. Lisa and Dante were working multiple jobs to try to make ends meet, but they were unable to save enough money to secure a housing unit. The couple sought assistance from the Homeless Resource Center to secure housing for their family. Adopt-A-Family placed the Williams family in housing through the Rapid Re-Housing program. Their Family Advocate linked Lisa and Dante to an employment agency, and both parents obtained a full-time, Monday-Friday job at Walmart. After several months, Lisa was able to secure a job in the cafeteria at an elementary school while Dante continued in his role at Walmart. Lisa and Dante report that their kids are doing well in school since settling into stable housing. The Williams family’s case was closed in October, and Lisa and Dante are now able to maintain their housing payment independently. The family is grateful for the financial assistance and support received through the Homeless Coalition and Adopt-A-Family.

Story Provided By: Adopt-A-Family Palm Beach County