A Story of Determination

Dave-Ansy Laguerre never gives up. He became homeless last year for his first and only time when he lost his job, his car, and then his apartment. Just like that, he was without a place to live. He had moved in briefly with an aunt, but could not continue the arrangement, and eventually found his way to John Prince Park and the Parks to Work program. He says the Homeless Coalition was key to the services that lifted him up and gave him hope again. Dave notes that he did not find sustained, caring assistance from other cities he had lived in. But he kept looking until the Homeless Coalition came through. He says Parks to Work is the best program he found, and calls it “very effective. It worked for me, and it can work for anyone!” He especially credits them with the ongoing assistance he received regarding career choices and connections to training. Finally, he made his way to the Lewis Center for a dress makeover to get ready for his interviews! Dave is now on track to receive his commercial driver’s license, having already passed the written test and will start his practical training soon. He also plans to obtain certification as a forklift operator, and once trained as a mechanic, so this skill will be helpful to him. He has also found new housing. He says, “grown men are supposed to live on our own and depend on ourselves.” It seems that Dave is well on the way to making that happen, and we salute him for his courage and determination.

Written By: Denise Torre