Homelessness is one of our nation’s most serious problems. While there are many causes of homelessness, the primary cause is the growing gap between housing costs and income.  On any given night hundreds of individuals and families are homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless in Palm Beach County. The Homeless Coalition was formed in 1986 and incorporated in 1989 as The Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County, Inc.

Over the past 30 years, the face of homelessness has changed. Today 1 in 5 children living in Palm Beach County are living in poverty.

The Homeless Coalition is a 501(c) 3 not for Profit Corporation that serves as a catalyst for community collaboration to prevent and end homelessness in our community.   

Our Mission

Building Coalitions and Inspiring Pathways to Help End Homelessness.

Our Vision

Ending Homelessness in Palm Beach County


Fundraising and awareness events, volunteer opportunities, and news dissemination all support the goal of sustaining the “Community Plan to End Homelessness”. Our fundraising strategies include writing grants, foundation funding and most importantly support from our community members. Promoting and receiving support from community, individuals, local businesses, corporations and organizations large and small is essential to continuing the Community Plan to End Homelessness.  Without the support of the community at large, many families and individuals who are in immediate need of shelter and services, would not have the opportunity to end their homelessness.

The objective of the Community Plan to End Homelessness in Palm Beach County is to continue to create a local response system that will end homelessness. In order to meet this objective, a set of action steps have been developed which address current gaps in services, particularly as they relate to a number of underserved populations whose specific needs are not currently being met by those services available in our community.


The Homeless Coalition Board of Directors meet monthly and serve on numerous committees. Each director goes through a nomination process to serve as a member for two years and can serve up to six years. The board is engaged and committed to ending homelessness in Palm Beach County.

Team Members